“A Certain Gamble: Institutional change, leader turnover, and their effect on rivalry termination” 2022 Conflict Management and Peace Science

“Only Friends Can Betray You: Revolution as a Path to Rivalry” 2021 International Interactions 

“Air Superiority and Battlefield Victory” with Mark Souva. 2020 Research & Politics

“Command of the Skies: An Airpower Dataset” with Mark Souva. 2020. Conflict Management and Peace Science.

“Peacemaking and Election Violence,” with Inken von Borzyskowski. 2021. In Contemporary Peacemaking, edited by James Darby and Anthony Wanis. Palgrave Macmillan.

Working Papers

Domestic Politics and International Disputes

In my dissertation, I address three enduring questions for the study of conflict. First, I examine how revolution and regime change within closely aligned dyads –those in which states share many interests in terms of security, foreign policy goals and economic concerns –can lead to the initiation of long-lasting enmity between these formerly aligned states. Second, I explore the role of domestic political change on when and why states that have engaged in long-term conflict decide to settle their outstanding disputes. Finally, I examine the effect of domestic political upheaval on the onset and timing of violent conflict and war between states that have engaged in long outstanding disputes with one another.

Air Power

I am also engaged in a co-authored project examining the determinants, uses and effects of military air power. In pursuing this project, I and my co-author have collected a large dataset on the military air power assets of each state in the world for 1973- 2013, and have developed a series of measures of national air-power capabilities that aggregate across both numbers and technological characteristics of aircraft.

Hosting for the Country Airpower Dataset and Realized Air Superiority Dataset has been moved to the Harvard Dataverse. Please find links to the datasets below.

Country Air Power (CAP) Dataset (CMPS 2019):

The Country Air Power Dataset

Realized air superiority – Battle Level Data:

Realized Air Superiority Dataset